The "I" that Thinks

The “I” that Thinks is a collaborative writing project. The idea is that we dissolve the singularity of authorship, in keeping with the Triennale theme of The Imperceptible Self. 

Authors were invited to add a sentence to a text that we wrote together in the span of twelve days between Friday June 3 - Friday June 15 in response to the following text:

She/He travels feverishly, constantly and inevitably between the "I think" concept and the "it thinks" of the body. So fast she/he moves between the two, that she/he can not gather all of her/him Self before leaving for the other shore. And so it is that she/he dissolves. Yet something remains. What is it?

Goodbye Grid and Cushy Beds, Hello Pool in the Wilderness

The selection process, or curation of online information is both direct and indirect. It is related to movement, and how it is tracked though online space. What are you looking for, and what do you get? What do you get that you didn’t know you were looking for, and what do you do with it? This piece is an experiment in the choreography of virtual space, and expression as mediated by technology. 

I choreographed a finger dance for my keyboard. Here it is. 

... on intimacy

In line with elements of the project ‘Polyphonic Essay on Intimacy and Distance’ whereby the artworks shall be revealed at the Transart Triennale on the 6th of August triggering an unrehearsed sonic conversation, this text has been written in two parts and with no consultation between the curators. Despite this, on joining them together, it is clear there are interlacing concerns and fascinations, although with one curator taking a distinctly haptic approach and one focusing on the voice. Both curators have practices which have aligned for almost a decade and as such have developed a great bond of professional trust and associated friendship. 

I’d Swipe Right on Yr Metadata

With a user’s metadata flowing freely about the Internet -- bought and sold as hot commodities to make one absorb more debt in the neoliberal economy -- are you simply a collection of your metadata?

This essay interrogates the distributed, post-sovereign identity -- even Berlant’s “combover” identity -- through a collection of artworks and media theory concepts, including Benjamin Bratton’s The Stack and Bruton/Nissenbaum’s concept of obfuscation. I propose that the distribution of identity might leave the imperceptible self might live in a world where I’d swipe right not on your face, but on your metadata. 

Toward Midpointness

Midpointness is part of an evolving project exploring how works of art can be seen to be in a state of ‘being in the midst’, a place W. T. J. Mitchell has termed an “inescapable zone of transaction”. This element of the project focusses on the ‘work’ of artistic knowledge as a process of becoming, as opposed to a process of advancement towards finitude. In this way, it may orientate itself around Braidotti’s questions concerning the expression of one's “innermost and constitutive freedom”; in short, how a continual process of becoming may be kept alive in the transformation of self.