Formless Selfies - A Process Lab
With Andrea Haenggi (CH/USA)
We will aim to look through the Selfie lens to allow for seeing without naming, to get formless and find pleasure in pure flesh and bones in a new state of being. We will use improvisation, somatic choreographic score instructions and the device of the mobile phone as our departure strategies. Together we will create and discuss, working at our fullest capacity as movers and thinkers, drawing on each other’s tools to challenge our identity to become formless as a group of “Selfies”.

Does movement become more important then the form of Self? Why we love taking and viewing photos of faces? How can we alone and together liberate ourselves from our Selfies? Do we want to become formless? What kind of formless identities will we create alone, one-to-one and as a group? What does it mean to become formless in the real of Selfie-Culture?

The format of the workshop, which is in the form of a Process Lab Workshop allows for a dynamic exchange between participants from diverse fields of artistic practice. The content of the workshop will bring each of us through using our technology device and our body and mind into a formless state that allows for new forms to emerge, aligning with the idea of The Imperceptible Self.

All Levels. For artists in the field of dance, visual art, improvisation, somatic and new media movement based-art. Advanced registration is required.

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