Saturday, Jan 16
10:00 – 01:00
41 W 36th Street

"If You Build It, Will They Come?" An introductory workshop on the should you, could you, and how would you begin to put together a viable residency for artists.

Facilitated by Transart MFA candidate Deborah Carruthers

This workshop is intended to lead you to many of the considerations involved in putting together an artist residency, from vision and mission statements to the more prosaic; such as will you provide food? Do you need permits? It will assist you in asking the many questions that need to be asked when putting together such a project, and how you could track down many of the resources you will need.

Bio My artistic practice has allowed me to pursue several topics of particular interest: genetics, the environment, absence, loss, and memorialization. Marcel Proust, in “À la recherche du temps perdu” (“In Search of Lost Time”) references the idea of involuntary memory through what has become known as the “episode of the madeleine” , in which the taste of a madeleine cake was enough to vividly recall visiting his aunt on Sundays, with all its attendant tastes , sounds, and smells.  My explorations are not unlike attempts to create involuntary memories. These memories may be influenced by our genetics and our environments, akin to Jacques Derrida’s contention that the past can continue to haunt the present, and are rich with regard to the senses. The use of a variety of media allows me to examine my topic of interest through engaging with touch, sight, sound, and occasionally taste. During my initial research, I often make extensive use of photography. Photography allows me to share exactly what caught my eye at a given moment: the textures, colour, and detail. Paintings let me process ideas over time, and are not meant to be mimetic. Rather, they are my lasting impressions. Sculpture allows me to create a memorial, literally expanding the idea into space. Finally, sound allows me to create a sense of place and geography.   This approach lends itself to the creation of series of works which individually present a facet of the idea under consideration, and collectively seek to provoke deliberation.