"In order to trigger a process of becoming-imperceptible, quite a transformation needs to take place in what we could call the self. I think the becoming-imperceptible is the point of fusion between the self and his/her habitat, the cosmos as a whole. It marks the point of evanescence of the self and its replacement by a living nexus of multiple inter-connections that empower not the self, but the collective, not identity, but affirmative subjectivity, not consciousness, but affirmative inter-connections.”
— Rosi Braidotti, The Ethics of Becoming Imperceptible

Provoking, testing, debating, playing and running with the theme coined by philosopher Rosi Braidotti – “The Imperceptible Self”; this Transart Triennale will open up spaces for sharing and experiencing creative practices driven by questions of how the peripatetic, nomadic states of contemporary existence negotiate “thresholds of sustainability” via ideas of the subject-in-becoming; ego-less identities; otherness; collective horizons; and the spaces in between.

Fully aware that in these times, our “interaction” with “other” cultures and with nature is both inevitable and profoundly altering; we will stray from preservation in terms of identity politics: shepherding nature and “I” to consider other modes of framing action and existence. How else can we consider the implosion of exiled states; the entropic influx into the largest cities; the sinking of smaller ones; the collapsing distance between us? How to live now in the "eruption of desire for the future which reshapes the present”?
To become imperceptible?

The 2016 New York, Berlin, Barcelona and Manila Transart Triennale events launch Transart Institute's three-year research theme "The Imperceptible Self", acting as a catalyst for related new projects. In 2017, with guest editor Caroline Koebel, Transart will publish a dedicated issue of ELSE journal and proposals for transnational seed projects for NEST (New Experiments with Sharing Terrain) will be called and juried. NEST will culminate in a symposium in 2018.

Cella, MFA + Susie Quillinan, MFA, Chief Curators